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5 Reasons You Need To Hire A Marketing Agency

marketing agency
marketing agency

You read on how SEO and other promotion tools can improve your business and lure more traffic towards your website. Now what?

You work morning till night, you don’t have time checking for keywords or writing content. Let alone check performance every now and then to modify strategies. Solution? Hire an agency that specializes in boosting website performance! 

Why would you do that? Well, at least for the following reasons:

A Marketing Agency Will Enhance Your Website With Modern Strategies 

In a world where there is a new website every 10 minutes and an overwhelming amount of information on the internet, businesses who want to get ahead of the game need to improvise. While certain basics remain the same, the strategies don’t. Which is why you need someone who is aware of the latest tactics in marketing. This means: Paid advertising, Metrics and data analysis, Print marketing, Public relations work, Special events and Sponsorship, to name a few. There are at least a dozen more. Do you have all that time to research and experiment? 

Hiring An Agency Will Mean You Have More Time For Your Business 

For entrepreneurs who are used to doing everything themselves and would want to apply the same attitude to digital marketing are in for a not-so-pleasant surprise. The thing about digital marketing is that it has a rather staggering learning curve. So, while you could be out there promoting your business or running errands physically, you are stuck in front of your computer with statistics and graphs with little idea how to implement them. This could lead to your physical business going about unattended. On the other hand, hiring an agency means you can go about your daily tasks with ease and not worry about the online aspects. 

An Agency Is Likely To Decrease Your Payroll Costs 

Some business owners have the idea that if they hire staff to do this work for them, they are saving money. This is where they are wrong. An agency usually charges by the hour, which gives the idea that they are naturally more expensive. When hiring an employee, business owners have to take into account the social benefits, the base salary etc. Whereas, when you hire an agency to do the job by the hour, you simply pay the direct cost of the service and nothing else.

An Agency Specializes In Branding And Online Business Promotion

Hence, the people working there are much more likely to know a lot of details and tricks that a beginner is not aware of. It is best to trust your business into the hands of a professional team than spend hours on research, without even knowing if you are on the right track in the first place. 

Proper Marketing Strategies Will Result In Lead Generation For Your Business, Which Will Lead To More Sales

Lastly, again the Marketing Agency builds its reputation on Branding and Marketing strategies, hence they will know just the platforms and ways which would generate leads for your websites and a rapid increase in product sales!

If that was not enough to convince you, here are Additional Benefits to hiring an Agency:

  • They have knowledge and expertise with your market niche
  • They have extensive experience in executing marketing plans
  • Saving money since no employee training required


But before you get all geared up to hire an agency, first ask yourself the question

“What do I offer that is BETTER or DIFFERENT/NEW than other businesses in the same niche that has existed for years?” 

If you can answer that question clearly and concisely, you are on the right track. If not, it is not likely that your business needs a little more work with branding, for example. This is important because even if you hire an agency but you are competing in a market where there are at least 50 other similar businesses in your area, offering the same services or product, it is unlikely that getting more traffic will lead to an increase in sales. Therefore, you must think this through and make sure you are offering something that stands out. 


To give the agency a link to your website, access to web analytics and leave with the phrase: “Generate more traffic and sales for us.”


To provide the agency as much information as possible about your business: from regions of presence to calls for action for each landing page.

Spotting Fakes: Top “offers” To Run From

  • “We will refund the money for all 12 months.”
  • “We guarantee that the site will not get banned.”
  • “50% of searches will be at the top in six months, or we will refund the money.”
  • “Maintaining” a feature as a gift when ordering SEO-promotion”.

Shady agencies corrupt businesses with guarantees just to get a contract. In SEO, there can be no guarantees other than the amount of work done in principle. If you want to get traffic three to eight times cheaper than in Google Ads, take the risk! 

Muriel G. Butler

Muriel G. Butler

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