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How To Start A Blog For Free In The UK: Create A Blog In 5 Steps

how to start a blog for free uk

Reading a blog is easier than creating one. And you cannot ignore the thrill of thinking about starting your own blog. You can start writing a blog out of passion, fun, and even have a passive or mainstream income source. 

Blogging is a great way to build an online community and give your voice a reason to be heard. Surprisingly, you can start blogging for free! So, your online space can be a fingertip away. And you may be missing out on all the fun out there. 

But how to start a blog for free UK? 

Should you choose Medium, WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger?

Let’s dive into the 5 stages of starting a blog for free in the UK and find out the best blogging platform for you.

Before that, why not explore two more important points that successful bloggers ask themselves before starting a blog that generates income?

1st Point: Decide The Blog Topic

Blogging starts with a topic you are interested in. It can be something you adore, you know about, your passion, and even you want to learn about. 

Specify what you are trying to do with the blog. Come up with several ideas, narrow them down to a singular topic. But make sure there’s plenty to talk about the topic. Kick-start your blog right here. 

Here’s a quick checklist to decide your blog topic.


2nd Point: Set An USP

USP (unique selling proposition) is your custom strategy to stand out from the crowd and make your way to the top. Starting a blog is not all about how to write blog posts. It’s more about writing on the topic with the goal of selling. And a USP can take you there— effectively. 

So, after deciding on a topic, think about a compelling USP. Research your competitors and avoid producing identical blogs. But don’t make a mountain out of a molehill when working on a new topic. 

“You may not have a unique topic, yet, you can outperform your competitors with a brand new USP.”

How To Start A Blog For Free UK?

Blogging is easy when you are on the right track. So, let’s burst the bubble of confusion and start writing a blog today.

To start a blog, you need to follow these 5 simple steps—

1. Pick an easily understandable domain name

Select a name that matches your blog topic. And don’t expect to own a domain name with no extension of the free platform you are using. Try to ideate a name that’s unique but relevant to the audience. Think about search engine optimisation and include keywords if possible. If you do not like the idea of having the extension with your domain name, go for a paid domain. 

2. Select a suitable free blogging platform and register

Now select a free blogging platform to write your own blog. There are plenty of platforms that offer free space for blogging. However, the popular free blogging platforms are Tumblr, Medium, WordPress, and Blogger. They offer exclusive tools and customisation features. 

3. Create a unique and custom design

Once you select the domain name and figure out a suitable platform to start writing a blog, now it’s time to design it. Choose from free templates and customise according to your content and purposes. If that seems intimidating to you, hire professional website designers and get your blog customised uniquely.

4. Write your own blog

Unleash your thoughts and ideas through powerful words. Make it compelling and thought-provoking to attract readers. Research your nearest competitors and get an idea of how to write a blog UK. 

Down on confidence? Contact an affordable writing agency as they know how to write blog posts that inform, entertain, and engage audiences. 

5. Don’t forget to promote your free blog 

You won’t get visitors unless you promote it online. Even the best ideas may fail to create the buzzword as long as it’s hidden from sights. 

Do some SEO, let the others know that you have some fantastic write-ups on the topic. If you are serious about your blogging journey and want to generate income from it, hire the best SEO agency in Essex to secure the #1 spot on Google SERP.  

Final Words

Blogging is a long journey with many ups and downs. The best way to start a personal blog is to research the competitors and understand how to start a blog for free UK. The above discussion includes the 5 steps using which you can write your own blog for free. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more invaluable tips on blogging and digital marketing.

Archie S. Ouellette

Archie S. Ouellette

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