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When Should I Use Pay Per Click Services UK?

pay per click services uk

Marketing your product or services can go two ways: either organic or paid. Both are effective, but paid marketing brings instant results. While you can leverage social media platforms to run paid campaigns, Google Adwords is a paid alternative that helps the brands get more clicks on organic searches. Widely known as pay per click (PPC), it needs strategies that include the right time when you need pay per click services UK. 

In this guide, we’ll know what pay per click services are and how it works. We will also learn the benefits of using PPC services and when to use them for businesses. So, let’s get into it.

What Are Pay Per Click Management Services?  

As the name suggests, you have to pay with every click on your ads. PPC is a form of paid digital marketing strategy that shows your website on the top of Google SERPs. As the name suggests, you have to pay with every click on your ads.  When you search something using a keyword, you get the most results based on organic optimisation or SEO

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If you notice, there are some other websites popping up on the top with an “Ad” written beside. These are paid advertisements against your search queries. Usually, your website will show on top with proper Search Engine Optimisation. But if you want your website to be shown first, Google PPC is the one you should settle for.. 

This method ensures that your prospects find you before your competitor’s organic search result. It requires strategic planning, successful implementation, and proper tracking. Otherwise, you are only wasting money on it.  

How Do Pay Per Click PPC Advertising Services Work?

PPC advertising on Google is as simple as paying someone to work for you. You want an instant higher ranking, pay Google and it will place you on the top.  It all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, as always, Google has to make it much more trickier than it already is.

Ranking higher is only possible when you are paying enough and your site offers useful information to the users. It works more like how an auction functions. You have something to buy, go for it. Offer the highest price and it’s yours. For example, like the image above, you want your website to be seen first on the keyword “digital marketing agency Essex.” 

Now, there are many agencies that also want to get a higher ranking on that particular keyword. So, the fight is on. Suppose, your competitor is offering Google £5 per click on his ad while you are willing to spend £3 each. Who will get the first position? Undoubtedly, your competitor— and, yes, with some conditions. If his website is not relevant to the search queries, the probability is it won’t be eligible for a higher ranking. 

So, it’s not only money that matters. You must have some brand value to get the position. Then there comes the optimisation part. Strategic pay per click campaign management services can get you more sales against the money spent. With precise targeting, you can expect a better ROI knocking at your door.. 

When To Choose Pay Per Click Services UK?

PPC or pay-per-click services bring instant results. So, it’s best to hire a PPC agency only when you are ready to boost your sales with some investment.  Also, make sure you have the logistics to handle it. 

Google Adwords’s PPC campaign targets the freshest of customers who are looking for products or services. They have the buying intention and are ready to checkout. So, if selling your product is your aim right now, hire the best PPC agency. On the other hand, when your target is increasing brand awareness, social media is an ideal place to go. But that doesn’t mean you cannot run PPC campaigns on Google. The strategy here would be to introduce your brand to the buyers and prospects. 

Some bonus tips: 

Paid ranking on Google is a sophisticated process. It demands exact audience targeting. You cannot expect to show up on SERPs with some random keywords. Your instructed keywords determine what you will be shown for. So, do not forget to optimise and identify keywords solely relevant to your audiences. 

However, you can acquire leads and get visitors in two different ways from Google PPC. The most common feature is Google Adwords. Google Display Network is another option. Let’s see how they benefit the users.

What Are The Benefits Of Google Adwords?

Google Adwords places your website on the top of specific search queries. As the result is entirely relevant to the search keywords, you won’t show up on some random phrases. Pay per click advertising services through Google Adwords is popular for some reasons. Apart from targeting the audience and careful budgeting, you can go with it without any hassle. Below are some benefits of Adwords:

  • You can create compelling ads with Adwords.
  • Keyword research is possible using the same platform
  • Budget allocation is possible so that it doesn’t exceed the limit
  • The audience can be reached regardless of the device they use e.g., mobile, desktop, tab, etc.
  • Data analysis is super simple with Adwords. You can get a quick insight into the audience reached, interacted, and converted.
  • You have the option to tweak the ad anytime you want. Pause it whenever you wish in case you have something else in mind. Also, you can restart the advertisement with the same effectiveness.

Similar to Adwords, Google Display Network has plenty of benefits. Digital marketers and aspiring brands leverage Google Display Network advertising services to reach customers and convert prospects. 

What Are The Benefits Of Google Display Network?

Google Display Network advertising is more like a sponsored ad on any relevant website. This smart advertising displays your ad in front of the appropriate audience at the right time. And you pay each time someone clicks on the ad. The main difference is your advertisement will not pop up on the top of search pages like Adwords. When someone visits a potential website, this is your only chance to grab the visitor’s attention with an enticing ad. However, let’s see why Google Display Network advertising is helpful:

  • This pay per click services UK offers an array of advertising templates and formats. It includes simple image ads, text ads, video ads, and mobile ads. 
  • Either you can choose from built-in templates or prepare on your own.
  • You have full authority over the topic you prefer to show your ad on.
  • Flexibility in budget allocation. 
  • Smart targeting ensures you get the most clicks for the minimum money spent.
  • Performance tracking and evaluation report.

Final Words 

Google determines the final placement of your ads⁠— be it Adwords or Google Display Network. So, the main trick here is to optimise the website and ad quality as much as you possibly can. This way, there is a chance your advertisement will pop up first. However, your ad can be super effective even after not showing at the top. All you have to do is input the most relevant information your target audience might search for. At the same time, with strategic planning and careful implementation, the prize is yours to take home. As one of the best pay per click services UK agencies, we can insert catchy info within the headline and short description it offers to unleash creativity. Contact us to get first-page visibility even in organic results today!

Archie S. Ouellette

Archie S. Ouellette

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