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What Does Marketing Do In A Business?

what does marketing do in a business

Marketing; in this online age, is not all about shouting about your products or services. It’s a whole new concept of strategically making your audiences fall for your goods or services. And only a handful of business owners know how to leverage marketing strategies for growth. Either they do it on their own or rely on renowned marketing agencies to do it on their behalf.  

That being said, you need to know what does marketing do in a business first. So, without further ado, let’s explore the role of the marketing department. And when you have the answer, it’s up to you whom to trust with this sophisticated task. If you run a small business and are looking for the first breakthrough, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional digital marketing agency to facilitate growth. 

What Does Marketing Do In A Business?


To be very honest, 80% of startups get it mixed with sales and advertising. As a result, they do not enjoy what marketing has to offer to a business. 

Marketing, according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), is the process of identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customers’ demands ensuring profitability for the business. And to achieve the purpose, advertising comes into play, and soon after, sales follow.

However, in this era of modernisation and technical advancement, marketing has gone more miles than anyone can imagine. Once what was confined to leaflet distribution, postering, TV ads, and word of mouth marketing, now the boundary is limitless. With an internet connection and expert knowledge, you can reach millions overnight and bag your prize home. And this differentiates between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

While the first one is not dead yet and is still very much effective, the latter one has proved to be more efficient and agile. 

Let’s see what does a marketing department do in a business, especially, the digital marketing department. 

Everybody’s At It


Yes, that’s correct. Everybody is already here, utilising digital channels and marketing in different ways. While some are using social media platforms, those with bigger budgets use search engine marketing including Google pay-per-click to acquire leads. And who have businesses focused on multiple niches and a network spread over the globe, using SEO services to reach their targets. 

Let’s see how to use digital channels to identify effective marketing for small businesses— all while exploring what does marketing do in a business! 

Social Media Marketing


You are no doubt familiar with social media apps or channels. Yes, it’s everywhere. The person next to you is using social media if not you at this very moment. And with so many social media available at present, the opportunity is endless. Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Clubhouse, and the list goes on. 

Here’s an article on popular social media platforms and marketing opportunities. Give it a read to gather comprehensive data on the most suitable platform. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing works in two basic ways. 

  • Non-Paid

In non-paid or organic social media marketing, you do all the job including reaching out to prospects, exploring potential groups, and targeting audiences. Yes, without taking any paid help from social media platforms. 

The role of marketing department in the organic section is to take care of brand awareness, advertising and sales. A little help from the paid part can boost what it takes to reach new heights. 

  • Paid

Paid social media marketing, as the name suggests, deals with sponsored advertisement and marketing. Shifting to paid marketing, what it entails, can be really helpful in sparing time to focus more on other issues of your business. 

When you are availing yourself of paid social media marketing, the platform itself leverages the data to help you reach prospects and targets. So, you don’t have to find out audiences and send a business proposal to them. And what’s more, you’ll get a comprehensive result whenever you want.   

Internet Marketing 


Internet marketing is a whole new level of marketing rooted back in 1997 as some say. It’s a never ending race to place your website in the top position of search engines. Many of the advertisers think it’s all about the money you invest in. But in reality, it’s never about the money. Rather, it’s the strategy you use to show search engines how you are unique from your competitors. Regarding Google— it loves unique, fresh, and relevant content. So, you will get priority if you show compliance. Internet marketing is often termed as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

However, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is best perceived through the following categories—  

  • SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most sought-after marketing media for online businesses. What does marketing do in a business — no, it doesn’t seem so obvious for SEO. And the reason, you can do almost everything from proper SEO services. Whether you want to generate leads, inform customers, or sell directly, SEO will serve the purpose just right. 

  • Website

The website is directly connected to SEM. Whatever you do, Google PPC, SEO, or even word of mouth marketing, a responsive website makes the difference. Without having a user-friendly website, you cannot rank quicker on Google. Forget about ranking, if you get some visitors by any chance, they won’t stay on your website. Before you determine what your marketing department does for your company, make sure the website looks cool, including the functionality. 

  • PPC

Google PPC or Pay Per Click is directly connected to marketing and sales. So, if your marketing department is investing in PPC, either they are bagging sales or acquiring leads.

However, this is a big-budget marketing strategy. You can’t just run it for two hours and expect sales. To get the best out of your PPC campaign, be strategic. And of course, hire the best digital marketing company in London. 

  • Display Ad

If the role of a marketing department is to create brand awareness, Google Display Ads is the ideal choice. You can place ads on other relevant websites. So, whenever your prospects visit any of the websites, your ad will pop up. And there is a big chance you can generate leads using this method. If not, you are creating brand awareness, no doubt.

Email Marketing


Email marketing is not dead. Neither will it be, soon, at least. In this digital age, marketers have found numerous ways to use email marketing. From creating brand awareness to generating leads and onboarding real customers, email marketing has the potential to do them all for FREE!

Email Marketing

So, if you are wondering what does marketing do in a business, especially in email marketing, know that, it keeps the audiences connected. And there are certain ways marketers do that; starting with-

  • Building An Email List

It all starts with building an email list. Either the marketers collect the leads from newsletter signups or in some other ways including Google/Social Media search. Then the email addresses find their place at any email marketing tools similar to Mailchimp

  • Sending Cold Emails

Once the setup is complete, it’s time to send cold emails to prospects and leads. The marketing tool will determine the open rate of the emails. It will also consider bounce rates as well as invalid addresses. From the data, it’s the role of marketing department to readjust strategies. 

  • Analysing Data 

When you hire a skilled digital marketing agency to run a successful email marketing campaign, they will analyse the data collected from the campaign. This might include whom to exclude and where to improve. 

  • Rearranging The List

Based on data analysis, the marketers will rearrange the list and set priorities. With new strategies and approaches, now it’s time to filter the most appropriate leads. This time the same process will follow including checking data and excluding poor leads. 

  • Reaching Out Again

Once the most accurate and promising leads are filtered out, they will be reached out again with fresh news, offers, or discounts. In this case, a more convincing and attractive email copy works like a tonic to the prospects who are looking for solutions. 

  • Conversions 

If you do it right, conversions will follow. Recipients will respond. They might want to know the price of your product or the service you are promoting. And you will earn revenues with every successful purchase. 

You can run the whole email marketing campaign for free. Even though some paid tools for email marketing promise better data analyse and such, small businesses still can benefit from the free version. 

Content Marketing


Everything on the internet revolves around content— written or visual. And digital marketers have found content marketing lucrative enough already. With numerous ways to engage with audiences, content marketing is slaying the internet media like magic. 

The competition is always high no matter what your niche is. The best way to reach your audience and convince them is to create purposeful content. So, in this marketing model, what do you think a marketer does? 

Well, to be specific, what does marketing do in a business, it creates a connection between the consumers and brands. The role of a content marketer stretches from planning and creating conquering content to sharing them on ideal platforms. 

And it all starts with identifying customers’ needs, demands, and analysing competitors. Once the stage is set, now it’s time to tie the loose strands with helpful blog posts, convincing social media posts, introductory emails, purposeful video content, and so on.

However, content marketing is an art and not everyone can do it right. To obtain results, you must hire the best digital marketing company near you

Offline Marketing


Who does offline marketing in this digital age? Yes, a very common question that we ask and get every day. Some say offline marketing is DEAD. I’d rather say it’s still thriving even in this age of digitisation. While the marketers are awaiting how Metaverse would turn out, you can’t say offline marketing is not working at all. 

For example, thousands of Leaflets find their way to the letterbox if not directly to your hand on the high street. And the chances are, you read them— sometimes keep them for later. That’s how offline marketing is still contributing to the growth of many brands— silently. Various campaigns, postering, leafleting, and even words of mouth marketing bring significant leads to many small businesses. 

So, What’s Left? Customer Reviews


Five-star review matters. That doesn’t mean without five-star reviews, your brand is nothing. In fact, negative reviews sometimes make a brand well-known in a short time. Whether you have tons of positive reviews or not, marketers cannot ignore the importance of customer reviews. 

Suppose you have received some negative reviews. Now what you must do is confront them. Take some time to understand what made the customer angry and frustrated. Prepare an answer and reply accordingly. 

Often overlooked, this is one of the most important roles of marketing department. Not only does it create a positive vibe of the brand but helps the customer reconsider his opinion. 

Now that you know what does marketing do in a business, why don’t you reassess what you are doing at this moment? If you have doubts, know that hiring a reliable digital marketing agency will be feasible. 



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