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8 Reasons Why You Need A SEO Agency

SEO Optimized
Search Engine Optimisation process

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a process to increase traffic to your website via organic search engine results. Shifting algorithms, brutal competition and lack of understanding make SEO particularly complex. Further, to earn and sustain the desired result, you need to put a persistent effort and thus, bringing help from outside can be an idea worth considering; hiring an expert SEO agency perhaps. SEO agency essentially can help you to achieve desirable results quickly and at a lower cost. It is also reasonable to worry about trusting a third party with your SEO responsibilities therefore, you must look for a qualified and proven SEO agency. 

We pick top 8 reasons to outsource your SEO needs

Save Time

Hiring an SEO agency can save you valuable time. You need not to be concerned about ranking in the search engine whatsoever, your agency will; saving a lot of time for you to rather concentrate on your business.  By withdrawing responsibility of SEO from you or your in-house teammates, you can assign them in other aspects of digital marketing, proving crucial to your overall digital success


If you plan for your SEO to be done by your in-house team, you will need expert human resource, training and development and more. However, if you want to do it properly, efficiently and professionally, outsourcing SEO can help you by providing a team full of experts but with a considerably less cost. Remember, if you cannot do SEO in the right way from the beginning, it will be pricier to convert it in the long run.  

Faster Results

A specialised SEO agency in most cases uses various strategies like website rankings, off-page/on-page SEO, local SEO, keyword research, content marketing, lead generation, directory citation simultaneously. You can thus get results relatively quickly and as your SEO efforts are continually measured and tested, your position in the search rank sustains.

No Buffering Period

If you want your marketing team to work on SEO, they will spend time to revise the latest industry trends before initiating their work. However, your SEO service provider won’t waste time to learn any new thing but ready straight away. An experienced SEO agency will keep you at par with the shifting trends in the digital industry. Google changes its algorithm around 500 times per year and if you want these petty yet crucial changes to take into consideration while crafting your SEO strategy, hiring an SEO agency is a must.

‘White Hat’ SEO Practices

If you hire an expert SEO service provider, you might get benefits from their White Hat SEO practices that should improve your SEO in a legalised and proper fashion than implementing ‘Black Hat’ SEO methods like back-linking in spammy websites and directories that will rather pose a threat to your SEO and domain authority score.

Access To SEO Tools And Expertise

From SEMRush, Moz, Ahrefs to seoClarity, BrightEdge and more, an effective SEO campaign requires a plethora of tools that you can get with a hefty one-time payment. SEO firms usually have access to these cutting edge tools that will take you years to learn fully. By hiring an agency, you can rip the benefits of these tools without losing time and gain access to a constantly updated source of information.  In a nutshell, you are not only receiving dedicated SEO service but gaining access to an entire squad of digital professionals, gears, latest trends and resources to help with all your SEO needs. 

Burnout Of In-House Teammates

Repetition reduces the overall performance be it of a team or individual, known as burnout. A major part of SEO contains keyword research that involves long hours of tedious phrase search, investigating search volumes and reviewing keyword performance; over and over again! Thus, this repetitious process of doing SEO has negative psychological and physiological impacts no matter whether you are working as a team or as an individual. 

Objective Perspective

Seeing things from a close proximity is difficult. You will not be able to see the bigger picture. On the same note, an in-house team in most cases will be unable to perceive their mistakes while an SEO agency must have to act impartially to achieve results when their reputation is at stake. You can only manage a meticulous, proficient and thorough assessment if and only if you outsource your SEO needs to an agency.

Final Verdict

We understand, hiring an expert SEO agency in Essex can be overwhelming but trust us, it is not like betting in a wild gamble. Instead, outsourcing SEO services can be proved to be a constructive move if you investigate and evaluate the available SEO team properly before getting into a contract. We advise you to assess all possibilities before outsourcing your SEO services. Still, worried? Get in touch with us with any questions or concerns you have!

Archie S. Ouellette

Archie S. Ouellette

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