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How Many Social Media Platforms Are There For Effective Marketing?

how many social media platforms are there

Creating a successful social media marketing strategy relies much on popular social media apps. Crowded with potential leads and real buyers, social media can either make or break a brand. So, it’s obvious to know how many social media platforms are there in 2021. 

In this article, we have sorted out some of the most prominent social media. Besides, we have discussed the marketing scopes, restrictions, and probabilities. Let’s create a powerful social media marketing map that delivers results and maximise revenues.

How Many Social Media Platforms Are There?

By the word “social media”, the majority of us identify Facebook as the only effective one. With no idea of other mainstream social media, we waste our marketing efforts in vain. So, let’s see the top-performing social media platforms that can bring fortune to our businesses.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the champ of social media. With over 2.8 billion active users per month, this is our top pick. Ease of use, outstanding features, and elegant design has made Facebook this popular. From teenagers to users in their sixties, this social media platform has been everywhere— either on mobile apps or the website. 


Besides, the integration of Facebook Messenger has helped it grow exponentially. From digital markers and entertainment seekers to news reporters and protesters— you name it— everyone uses Facebook to reach their goals efficiently. If you have something to say globally, communicate through Facebook. And it’s no wonder why social media marketing agencies always start with Facebook. 

2. YouTube

With more than 2.29 billion active users, YouTube is more than just a social media platform. Many consider this as a video platform— primarily. However, you may be surprised to know that it is the second-largest search engine in the world. 

Although YouTube is not your typical social media platform to share ideas and thoughts in written form, it offers great scope when explaining things in visual formats. Besides, displaying advertisements before any eligible video plays can be an ideal form of marketing. Well, it’s more like an alternative to TV that is effective. 

3. WhatsApp


If not a social media battle, WhatsApp will be the top messaging app used worldwide. Purchased by Facebook in 2014, this simple ad-free messaging and calling app is loved by the majority. WhatsApp offers excellent convenience to businesses worldwide. As you can showcase your products similar to a catalogue, users can directly view what you are selling. Besides, customer service streamlining makes WhatsApp a simple business app.

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another popular social media app. While you get updates from your Facebook profile, this app lets you communicate verbally and textually. Moreover, it offers businesses to show ads to the users. So, your brand gets more exposure whenever a user is scrolling down the contact list on Messenger to knock someone. On top of that, communication has become more accessible with this app integrated into your business page. 

5. Instagram

Instagram is another property of Facebook and is nailing e-commerce successfully. Started as a mere photo-sharing platform, this is now a hub for the fashion and beauty industry. Due to its aesthetic user-base, beautiful brands are securing more revenue through Instagram galleries. The introduction of short-form videos, story and other features has made this one of the best business social media sites.

6. WeChat

WeChat is a dominating and one of the most used social media platforms in China. As the US and China tech market conflict continues, China has developed its native software ecology. When thinking about selling products to buyers using the same platform, WeChat comes atop. You can display your products, entertain buyers and receive the payment without leaving the app. What’s more, this app has some advanced features like using government service, call for ride-sharing, and so on. So, an overseas business with China can indeed leverage this app to facilitate social media marketing

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undoubtedly a rising star and will be one of the most popular social media platforms for digital marketers. When vetting out the information about how many social media platforms are there, I was surprised to see LinkedIn underrated even in 2021. Formerly a job board, LinkedIn is a hub for professionals. And it’s time to connect those C-Suite professionals to take your brand strategy to another level. Come up with a powerful LinkedIn marketing strategy, and it’s yours.

8. TikTok

Often ignored, TikTok is emerging as a giant. Famous for its short-form video content, you can easily target teenagers with TikTok and promote your brand. And it has already surpassed Facebook in terms of apps downloading. So, when the big media is using it, what’s your excuse?

9. Telegram


Telegram is a gold mine for social media marketers as it allows group chats for up to 200K members. And, when you have such a group in your pocket, you are reaching 200K like-minded people with a single message. So, it’s more like a forum— promoting and discussing your products. It is a great and cost-effective way to create brand awareness and marketing your products. 

10. Snapchat

Even though Snapchat is not in the top position, big companies respect Snapchat’s story ideas. Experts say that many social media platforms have cloned Snapchat’s model to create theirs. Even though it is prevalent among teenagers and users in their 34s, TikTok is slowly taking it down. So, when asking about what is the most popular social media out there, you will often get two answers. Snapchat and TikTok. This content-based social media platform is a hub for Gen Z. So, up for teenage-focused brand promotion? Snapchat is your way to do it.

11. Pinterest


Another giant yet silent and one of the biggest social media platforms is Pinterest. It has monthly active users of around 422 million. But Pinterest has a unique brand promotion strategy that leverages silent communication mainly by the visuals posted. Brands with vision use this social media platform to follow like-minded brands and share what might attract prospects, and inform users. Also, you can get ideas from millions of posters and use them to get leads online. Surprisingly, Pinterest is seeing a busy time during the pandemic. 

12. Reddit

Reddit is silently making moves like other giant social media platforms and companies. It has monthly active users of around 430 million and countless communities of users. You can get a quick idea of how many social media platforms are there before you gather the data about available subreddits. Social media marketers use this platform to stir up the discussion surrounding their products. As Reddit users are considered elite in class like LinkedIn, marketers see it as a potential source of eligible buyers. The communities have strict guidelines, and you can get kicked out for violation. However, as Reddit is niche-focused, you can get relevant people to target and propose your business.  

13. Twitter

Twitter has a superior brand reputation than the user base. You will seldom find someone who has never heard about it. But compared to its social recognition, the number of users is poor. With monthly active users around 353 million, Twitter is a great platform to identify trends with hashtags. Moreover, hashtags and Twitter— are like the two sides of a coin. You say something about using a hashtag, and it will travel a distance overwhelming. Extensively patronised by digital marketers, politicians, celebrities, and people with different purposes, Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms out there. 

14. Quora

Heaven for knowledge seekers. Quora is a question-answer posting social media platform that has a monthly user base of 300 million. You can select your interests and join the community based on them. Look for relevant questions that you offer services or products. Try to compose an answer helpful enough to please the questioner. As Quora offers person-to-person messaging, communication is easier here. Besides, you can put a link to your website when answering a question. Probably, you will get targeted traffic and prospects converted into buyers. Quora’s marketing policy offers personalised advertisements. Also, you can promote your answer to gain more brand visibility. 

15. Clubhouse

Relatively new and restricted by the operating system, Clubhouse is a trendy social media platform out there. As identifying how many social media platforms are there is a challenge for many of us; newer social media apps like Clubhouse are making it more rigid. Despite the restrictions, it has around 10 million active users. However, this app does not offer great convenience if your target is to use the content as the primary medium of brand promotion. Social media marketers are yet to get a hand at this app. Only big brands can leverage it fully with sponsored conversations mostly centred on high profiles. 

So, Which One To Choose From?

The number of social media platforms is increasing. And with it, you cannot help but change the marketing strategies. Many old social media sites are disappearing and losing their position while relatively new apps like TikTok and Clubhouse are starting to overshadow other social media platforms. . 

So, it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach that rewards brands with effective ROI. You cannot earn engagement with even a paid campaign from the top used Facebook to budding Clubhouse without identification. Use data to target your audience, demographic, and trends first. Then create a marketing plan accordingly. Don’t forget the A/B testing as it reduces the marketing budget but ensures a better return on investment. Now you know the most effective strategy to reel in your rewards. Keep the campaign running and improvise periodically.

Different social media platforms have different success rates for any product or service. On average, Facebook has the highest conversion rate as the users are widely diversified. To get responses from teenagers, don’t forget to leverage TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. When your target is the decision-makers of a company, LinkedIn is your doorway to do that.

Final Words

Social media platforms are becoming the new sensation of digital marketing. As they are crowded with prospects and active buyers, brands are experimenting with new marketing ideas and reeling in their rewards. But without a tried-and-tested social media marketing strategy, outperforming competitors is more like a fool’s game. 

Finding out the best social media platform for your brand is the first step to devise a diplomatic marketing strategy. Professional digital marketing agencies can help you promote your products on suitable platforms. As you’ll be overwhelmed by how many social media platforms are there, hire the best online marketing agency in the UK to reduce getting things done professionally. 

Muriel G. Butler

Muriel G. Butler

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