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9 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Must Follow


As the UK is very likely to return to the pre-covid-19 era soon, it’s time you rethink your business strategies. Well, it’s not what we might be thinking. However, pretty much we are about to embrace the ‘new normal.’ After counting so many days away from businesses, the long-awaited moments are finally here. 

But, will customers join spontaneously in our local shops, gyms, bars, and other physical stores? Marketing experts don’t think so. Even though the majority has shifted to digital, we are yet to leverage the technology in our favour. 

In this article, we’ve covered some of the most used post-pandemic marketing tactics for small businesses. Also, you’ll know how you can use them to grow your business and enjoy long-term benefits. 

9 Effective Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies To Cope The ‘New Normal’

In this covid-19 grappled era, switching online is the best practice. But it’s easier said than done as many businesses can’t operate online. For instance, not everyone can’t access the expensive equipment that a gym subscription offers in the home. Again, with so many competitors to go live in full swing at once, how to grab clients and customers? What to do to tackle the change and remain on track?

Businesses like these need to have a clear marketing plan. Here comes digital marketing with its creative flairs. With innovative and strategic social media marketing plans and leveraging local SEO, the prize is yours to take home. 

Let’s see what post-pandemic marketing strategies are effective in turning the table in your favour. 

1. Focus On Existing Customers

As businesses are live after almost more than a year, you’ll very likely be faced with extreme competition. So, if you struggle to attract new customers, turning towards the existing customers is a good spot to start. It doesn’t matter whether you had to shut down the operation due to covid-19. As long as you have a list of old customers, you have the chance to thrive again.

So, work on those. Covid-19 post-pandemic marketing strategies should start here unless you have other executable plans. Keep your store door open to all— enthusiasts or genuine buyers. Make contact with the existing customers. Let them know that you are available once again and operating per the government recommendations

2. Overhaul Your Communication Strategy

In this digital world, communication is the key. So, use it wisely. Besides, the pandemic situation has introduced new forms of communication. It’s not long ago when we shared laughter in a shop over a cup of coffee. But now, it has shifted to zoom meetings. As we are mostly glued to smartphones these days, small businesses should make online media their primary communication channel. However, this is not to replace one-to-one communication but to add feasibility. 

The newsletters you used to send might not work in this context. Similarly, the content that made your fortune might not get enough response now. Therefore, you have to address changes in how you reach out to the audiences and customers. 

Why not try introducing the trending digital marketing strategies? Design your social media marketing visuals in a way that keeps your subscribers hooked. If possible, push out the latest news related to your niche as much as you can. Give priority to their needs and cater for your content based on personal preferences. With strategic content calendar implementation, you can reach hundreds or even millions. It’s all about the approach you choose for communication. So, set your course right.  

3. Switch Virtual

As the global pandemic has brought changes to schedules and behavioural traits, switching online is brilliant. However, you don’t have to abandon your beloved store on the high street. Optimise your business for online users. Even though numerous people still prefer shopping from nearby stores, a large number has shifted to eCommerce. And the number is quite surprising. 

For example, 20% of retail shops took almost 7 years to switch online before seeing a breakthrough. And in just a month, the number soared as high as 31%— a remarkable transformation indeed!

Global Pandemic
global pandemic

On top of that, companies worldwide are also going virtual due to worldwide lockdowns and restrictions. As Forbes continues figuring out how companies are leveraging online media to survive the pandemic, recent data revealed by Cloudflare remarked on the astonishing transformation of the e-commerce industry in London. So, honestly speaking, you don’t have too many options left. Either you go online or go unnoticed. 


Interestingly, you might have joined the virtual journey without even noticing it. There may be some promotions you are doing online. Or say, you have a list of emails of your existing clients whom you send monthly newsletters. So, all you need is just a leap and enhance your presence. Hire a reliable social media management agency to ensure a great start. First impressions matter, you know. 

4. Deliver The Right Message To The Right Audiences

Categorising who is your ideal customer is crucial in digital marketing. At the same time, feeding the audience with the right message is also essential. The way you communicate determines how successful you will be as long as you filter the most relevant audiences. When you blend creative copy with appropriate visuals and present them in front of interested consumers, you will be delivering the right message. 


However, the post-pandemic marketing strategies will mostly revolve around filtering appropriate buyers. The better you will filter, the better your ROI will be. On top, with a filtered approach, you are very likely to establish a personal connection with your audience. So, initiating a conversation becomes easier that creates a scope for pushing direct sales. 


The more you focus and approach strategically online, the better you can keep your audiences engaged. And in that case, thought-provoking copywriting and branding to ensure resilience.

5. Be Empathetic While Communicating

The world is suffering—so are we. The best way to communicate in this pandemic-prone situation is to show empathy. And it will be the talk-of-town in the post-pandemic world. Successful marketers will use sympathetic tones to win buyers while your usual pre-pandemic techniques might fail. Emotion and humanity always prevail over anything. To thrive in the post-pandemic marketing situation, there is no alternative to going soft with communication tones. 


For instance, British chain supermarket Morrisons rebranded their purposes to address the customers’ needs. This was entirely customer-centric and eventually skyrocketed their brand response to multiple levels. The whole rebranding process was not to achieve sales-of-the-year but to get closer to the audiences. Surprisingly, they succeeded in humanising their brand. 


However, being empathetic does not have to be only pandemic-centric. You can use this marketing strategy to show solidarity with any ongoing social or cultural movement. You can address changes in your brand logo depending on current events (e.g. LGBT Pride celebration). Moreover, customers feel at home when brands connect their emotions with marketing strategies. 

6. Revamp Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Even though Covid-19 has created social distances, we have become more dependent on social media. As social media users are increasing daily in the UK, post-pandemic marketing strategies will target relevant audiences and offer tailored products and services. 


social media marketing
Social Media Marketing Strategy

Image Source

However, in social media marketing, audience targeting plays the most crucial role. To do so, finding out who is interested in your service, their age, gender, and even demographic information is necessary.


social media marketing strategy
Social Media Marketing Strategy

The UK Population Statistics 2021

Video content marketing is expected to take the lead in post-pandemic marketing strategies for small to large-scale businesses. Static images are no longer creating the hype they used to just a year ago. People are fond of video materials, and digital marketing specialists are pushing more animated and video content in their strategies. Besides, Google is considering video content as the alternative to textual information and blogs. Sharing 1 or 2 video elements along with usual social media posts might get you more engagement. No matter how big or small your business is, careful selection of content materials and utilising them to create an engaging video will keep your audiences entertained, informed, and engaged. 


However, a social media marketing strategy does not focus only on content pushing. It performs a variety of experiments to keep the brand message precise yet fun and interactive. Many digital marketing agencies are leveraging some popular social media marketing and lead generation tactics including—


Established brands sometimes offer free giveaways to their top fans. As a start-up, this might be tough for you to offer free giveaways. However, this works like magic when it comes to engagement and increasing follower count. So, spare a budget for this marketing strategy. Initially, it may be a bit pricey, but you will have a bigger follower base and loyal customers in the long run. 


Social media marketing is not all about reaching out to audiences with your products and services. You need to arouse interest and keep them engaged with your brand. Without posting generic content every day, you must try to introduce diversity. And in that sense, a quiz session or mini-contest on any trending topic or even about one of your products will be effective in creating brand awareness. In the post-pandemic situation, these marketing strategies will bring thrill among your audience and may invite huge traffic and sales. 


Arranging webinars to make your audiences aware of the current events and social programmes is an excellent way to stay connected with existing customers. On top, if you are initiating a learning session through a webinar, the chances are you will get hundreds of new followers and leads per session to sell your products. LinkedIn is a great platform to arrange a webinar and hook the audience. You can try that to make your first breakthrough in the post-pandemic situation.  

7. Use Paid Media

Paid advertisement has always been effective in reaching more audiences and generating sales. However, people are spending more time online during covid. And they are expected to continue so even after the pandemic situation. So, now is a great time for you to allocate a budget for paid advertisements. 


Running PPC campaigns are great for large-scale companies. On the other hand, small businesses can benefit directly from social media advertising campaigns. However, choosing where to display ads is crucial. As there are many social media platforms available, you need to find out the most relevant one. It is equally important to filter audiences based on age, gender, location, marital status, etc. Actually, the list goes on. So, pick the best platform for your purpose. Only then consider hiring a social media marketing agency


As I’ve mentioned before, switching online is the first pillar of a successful post-pandemic marketing strategy. Having a responsive eCommerce or business website is a must for this purpose. And when you have one, consider optimising your website for search engines. A reliable digital marketing agency in Essex with a good record of SEO services can help you stay on top of SERPs. For greater reach and customer acquisition, try Google PPC marketing. Aim for low CPC. This will ensure a competitive advantage for your brand in the post-pandemic business situation in London. 


Besides, investing in Facebook ads and other paid media indicates you are going strong even during this pandemic and beyond. 

8. Offer Exclusive Deals And Discounts

Discounts and offers never failed to skyrocket sales— at least, not for the quality brands. This has been practised from the inception of the business, and still, to this date, it is going strong to this day. 


So, to cope in the post-pandemic business competition, run discount campaigns on selected products. As many UK people are going through a financial breakdown, a discount on products will bring instant sales. However, it’s not like you are the only one offering discounts. Even many renowned brands are using this simple strategy and seeing results. 


For instance, Neil Patel, an established digital marketing agency based in the USA, offered unbelievable premium features in his free SEO and Keyword researching tool Ubersuggest. It was a great success not in sales, but the agency got appreciation from many similar brands that helped him establish more brand authority. 


So, offering discounts and coupons is always a win for you— one way or another. 

9. Never Stop Optimising For Local SEO

As a local business operator, your priority should be the local customers. While your store is open for regular customers, paying attention to online customers is also necessary. And reaching out to local customers online is feasible through strategic internet marketing services. 


But optimising your website for Local SEO requires an additional budget. If your business is suffering from budget-cutting, you may consider UK government business finance support. With the initial budget problem fixed, focus on ranking your website on top SERPs on Google. This will bring massive traffic to your site, and if you have an attractive landing page, the chances of going out-of-stock are pretty high. 


And in this online scenario, you cannot look down upon creative post-pandemic marketing strategies. However, there are many local SEO service agencies that you may consider reaching out to. You will get the best SEO services in Essex, along with strategic social media marketing solutions from the best agency.  

Final Advice

The crucial point is, post-pandemic marketing strategies are way more tricky than other times. So, sticking to the old-school marketing plan will not see a breakthrough in the London market. You have to be creative, agile, and patient. Focus on your customers, prioritise their needs, address the gaps, and hit when the iron is red. These are the key takeaways of effective post-pandemic marketing strategies. And, it’s pretty much challenging for anyone. So, while you keep yourself busy in the store, let the best digital marketing agency in Essex take care of your online presence.

Archie S. Ouellette

Archie S. Ouellette

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