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How Long Should It Take to Build A Website?- Website Developing

how long should it take to build a website

Do you want to launch a website and make it popular as soon as possible? Then, for your website’s success, you just need a great online presence which is attainable through proper website development or building. Now, the common question appears, how long should it take to build a website?

Well, considering the overall timeline it may take 5-6 months to build and develop a website. Depending on what you want in your website, it’s possible to build your website much faster than this time.

However, if you want to build it faster you can take service. Leap Digital Online is such a platform providing the service you are looking for

In this article, we’re going to break every step by step how long it takes to build a website, website building tools, and other related information. So, let’s hop into the main article! 

Sneak Peek of How Long to Build a Website

Every website is different, that’s why it’s tough to estimate the exact timeline. A website can be created at home by yourself, but most business clients want help from freelancers to build and develop their websites. 

A website may look simple with some links, pictures, a few tables and buttons and topics. Even though it looks like this, building a website is tough and it needs proper skill. There’re many variables a client may want which is hard to process. 

Therefore, some steps are given below that can give you an idea about the website building process. Here we go-

  1. You research the purpose and content of your website project. 
  2. Set a goal and then discuss it with the website building team.
  3. They’ll show you some mockup plans and you’ll check the designs.
  4. The development process goes on by changing and exchanging ideas.
  5. At last there’ll be a final review and revision process. 

This is what the process of building a website looks like. If you start the coding of the website without pre-planned, then the process will be messier and waste your time. 

How Long Should It Take to Build A Website? 

Now the main part of this article. In this part, we’ll provide an estimated timeline for every step of building your website. We want to remind you that, depending on what a client wants, the timeline may vary from website to website. Let’s have a detailed look at how long a website takes to build-

1. Purpose & Research 

Understand the purpose and content of your website. Why do you want to build the website? On which topic? Think carefully and research thoroughly about the topic you want. Take your time to understand the purpose and think if the users will like the topic. 

Before creating a website, you must have some content already in hand to publish. It may be blogs, posts, images or videos. Research your content and then it’ll be much easier to build your website. 

2. Selection (1 week-1 month)

Now you’ve to select your website building team. Depending on your budget and needs, you can research various website building methods and teams. It may take one week to one month to complete the process. For small websites with fewer hassle projects, it’ll take less time and for bigger companies, it’ll take much time.

You can choose a Website builder that can take 6 hours only to build your website. It’s the quickest way to build your website and it’s pretty simple to use. Website builders like Squarespace or WiX provide you with multiple templates of website design to choose from. 

For those who want to build their website faster, a website builder is an ideal option for them. You can customize your website as you want. It’s an extremely budget-friendly choice for those with tight budgets. 

Besides website builders, you may take help from a Web designing agency. It’ll take almost 6 weeks to hire a website designing agency and complete the task.  A website designing team takes all the work into their hand and meets every necessity of the clients. 

Those with a large budget and lots of customization necessary should seek help from a website designing team. The team will work with you, advise you and lead you to control a proper website. No extra labor for you. You may contact any website design agency London for your purpose too.

3. Goal Setting(1-3 weeks)

Now, that you’ve selected your website building help hand, then you’ve to determine the basic goal of designing and laying out everything. You can leave the design and other stuff to the hand of the developer or you can suggest your opinion to them. Both are good options.

Let the website designer know about your goal, vision and future outcome. A reminder is that a website builder is a much more experienced person, so try to understand their advice and opinion. 

4. Action Plan (1-2 weeks)

As the builder has all the ideas and expectations about your website, they will begin to plan several basic layouts for your website. They’ll show you their ideas and you can determine the requirements. However, don’t forget to keep your site and plan secure. 

You may add specific menus and give them suggestions. These exchanging ideas will help the builder to create different customizable plans for the clients. 

5. Mockup Design (2-3 weeks)

The builders will show you the different designs of your website. Mockups can be considered as the draft sketch of your website. Based on your requirements, your website may look like this-this are mockups. The designer will show you different mockups and you can give your opinions here.

You may tell them to change a few layouts, some designs and so on. As in this stage, your website begins to appear, it takes a bit of time to complete the process.

6. Development Process (1-2 months)

This is the phase where the website building team takes the approved mockup design and begins the final design. It’s like a magic phase where the main item is getting cooked! This part takes a while according to the complexity and your website requirements. 

It’s important to keep in touch with the team at this moment. They can exchange their progress report with you and you can understand the workflow.  

7. Final Review (1-2 weeks)

The last step before finalizing your website. Before making it official and final, you must take a final revision and review of your website. Have a close look at every fun function menu, how they work and if it meets your requirements. Depending on it traffic will stay in your site.

If there are minor corrections, that can be done quickly and it takes 1-2 weeks for the team to identify any big or small issues. 

Final Verdict  

So, that’s all for today. If you want to hire any website design agency in London, you may rely on Leap Digital Online. We have the best customer service with the most skilled professionals. No matter what options you choose, you should get a reliable and skilled team that can bring out your website’s potential. 

There’s no confirmed time for how long it should take to build a website. It takes time and the process depends on the client’s needs. On average, it takes 5-6 months to complete a website with overall progress. So, best of luck with your website! 



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